Websites Increase Your Marketing

Posted in Websites on December 31st, 2010 by C2G

Marketing is all about how you present yourself to the outside world. Now that 2011 is arriving it is vital for your organization to establish yourself in the online realm. Nowadays people can make 6 figure incomes from a beach across the world and of course a laptop or ipad. Now cell phones are offering video chat capabilities that let people stay in contact like never before.

With your website you can add coupons, display your work, stay in touch with your customers, sell your products or services, and so much more. The best way to get your site up is to contact a liable company and have them help you design your site, from the artwork to the flow and even the SEO, or search engine optimization. A local company can actually work more exclusively with you than an online web design site that costs a monthly fee. Some people want to just get online so they take the cheap route and go with a company that never contacts you, but they let you design a cheap looking site that puts you online. There is nothing wrong with that but if you can afford the money to invest in yourself or your company then it is always better to get a custom designed site from a local company with experience.

People in the Harrisburg area can search Harrisburg website design and they can see every company that pops up. Choose wisely and make sure you put enough content into your site that will keep your customers coming back for more information, more products, and more exciting new things you post online, such as pictures, videos, and other media.

A website consists of many facets that the average person doesn’t even realize.  If you are looking to find a local company feel free to search at to see who they recommend for you.  Trade Seam may not have the type of company you are looking for, but it is a good place to start to get some ideas of what companies have to offer.

After you find a company or a list of companies you are interested in make sure you see how they charge and what services they offer.  You may want a company that does it all or you may want to find a few different companies that specialize in certain coding, SEO, graphics/logo design, etc.  Just know that the way you market yourself online could play a big part in how many customers you bring your way.  Stay current online and keep your site fresh so people continue to come back for more.  We will get into different ways to keep your site updated in a future post.  Thanks for reading and have a Happy New Year!

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Being Persistent Is Key To Success

Posted in Business, music on September 24th, 2010 by C2G

You can’t get anywhere these days if you don’t keep it persistent and persevere through the beginning.  Most people quit without knowing that they are right around the corner from accomplishing their goal.  Whether you sell beats online, create artwork and want to start making money, take pictures of weddings, make Bar Mitzvah videos, or anything else you do that is creative you have to outlast until the money comes your way.

No, you aren’t doing this just for the money but the money is a major payoff.  Most people want to make money off of what you really like to do so that money can let you continue to do the things you like to do.  Here at Cater2theGame we do what we do because our passions are represented by the services we offer.  There isn’t a thing we do that we aren’t passionate about.  Having launched our new hip hop and R&B beats for sale soundclick page at Beats2Go we decided to keep that passion alive.  You can even download ALL of the beats for FREE so you can formulate your songs and use them for promotional purposes before you lease them, which would enable you to sell them for a profit.

What do you do for your customers that benefits them and doesn’t make you any money?  If you sell beats then you have to realize that this type of business is not like selling T-shirts.  People listen many times and there are so many beats out there that it takes an average of 7 times before someone actually makes a purchase.  You have to create a reputation for yourself that earns you respect.   Then people will feel more confident purchasing your product.  Stay persistent and keep going because payday is right around the corner.

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Harrisburg Music Videos

Posted in music, video on August 18th, 2010 by C2G

Is it time to get a music video?  Do you have fans but you have nothing to show them?  Probably not because if you had fans they would have had to see or hear something from you first.  That is why music videos are so important.  Right now we are working on a couple different music videos and we would like to offer our consultation services for free.  If you have any questions regarding how a music video can help your career please email and ask your question.  We will go over anything with you and show you how getting a music video out to the world has helped different artists careers ten fold.

If you are from the Harrisburg area or located in central PA, including but not limited to Philly, Reading, Scranton, Pittsburgh, even New York City, then we can work with you.  Being in Harrisburg, PA gives us plenty of opportunities to make our way out to Baltimore, DC, VA, NY, and all of the other major cities surrounding us here in central PA.  If you are interested in a music video and you are from Harrisburg we would love to sit down with you and figure out your desires, your budget, your ideas, and your goals.  We will do anything in our power to promote your music because Cater2theGame supports every artist in Harrisburg PERIOD!

Lets take this city to another level.  We may not represent a major metropolitan area, but we have a good amount of talented artists for a city of our size.  Harrisburg music videos are awaiting your call or your email.  Lets get started today at building your career to a whole new level.

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