Being Persistent Is Key To Success

Posted in Business, music on September 24th, 2010 by C2G

You can’t get anywhere these days if you don’t keep it persistent and persevere through the beginning.  Most people quit without knowing that they are right around the corner from accomplishing their goal.  Whether you sell beats online, create artwork and want to start making money, take pictures of weddings, make Bar Mitzvah videos, or anything else you do that is creative you have to outlast until the money comes your way.

No, you aren’t doing this just for the money but the money is a major payoff.  Most people want to make money off of what you really like to do so that money can let you continue to do the things you like to do.  Here at Cater2theGame we do what we do because our passions are represented by the services we offer.  There isn’t a thing we do that we aren’t passionate about.  Having launched our new hip hop and R&B beats for sale soundclick page at Beats2Go we decided to keep that passion alive.  You can even download ALL of the beats for FREE so you can formulate your songs and use them for promotional purposes before you lease them, which would enable you to sell them for a profit.

What do you do for your customers that benefits them and doesn’t make you any money?  If you sell beats then you have to realize that this type of business is not like selling T-shirts.  People listen many times and there are so many beats out there that it takes an average of 7 times before someone actually makes a purchase.  You have to create a reputation for yourself that earns you respect.   Then people will feel more confident purchasing your product.  Stay persistent and keep going because payday is right around the corner.

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Harrisburg Music Videos

Posted in music, video on August 18th, 2010 by C2G

Is it time to get a music video?  Do you have fans but you have nothing to show them?  Probably not because if you had fans they would have had to see or hear something from you first.  That is why music videos are so important.  Right now we are working on a couple different music videos and we would like to offer our consultation services for free.  If you have any questions regarding how a music video can help your career please email and ask your question.  We will go over anything with you and show you how getting a music video out to the world has helped different artists careers ten fold.

If you are from the Harrisburg area or located in central PA, including but not limited to Philly, Reading, Scranton, Pittsburgh, even New York City, then we can work with you.  Being in Harrisburg, PA gives us plenty of opportunities to make our way out to Baltimore, DC, VA, NY, and all of the other major cities surrounding us here in central PA.  If you are interested in a music video and you are from Harrisburg we would love to sit down with you and figure out your desires, your budget, your ideas, and your goals.  We will do anything in our power to promote your music because Cater2theGame supports every artist in Harrisburg PERIOD!

Lets take this city to another level.  We may not represent a major metropolitan area, but we have a good amount of talented artists for a city of our size.  Harrisburg music videos are awaiting your call or your email.  Lets get started today at building your career to a whole new level.

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Hip Hop and Rap Beats That Increase Your Sales

Posted in music on June 20th, 2010 by C2G

One of the most popular dreams among the hip hop culture today is to make it big and get discovered right away in their career. A lot of people don’t realize that most of the time it takes years and years to rise up to the top before an established company will even invest in your music. There are also a lot of artists that are already established so why would a company want to invest extra money into a new up and coming artist unless they have something more to offer than the artists they already put money into.

People are making mixtapes, albums, performing at local venues, and passing out flyers but what else are they doing that is different? Most people aren’t willing to invest in themselves so why would a company trying to make money want to invest in you? These are questions that you should be asking yourself if you are planning on making it somewhere.

When it comes down to it you have to put together a list of things that will ensure your success and most people aren’t built for it.

1. You have to make “quality” music that people will actually want to listen to

2. You have to build an image that represents what you believe in and what you express through your lyrics

3. You have to network and market yourself to the point that you have nightmares about networking and marketing (not just dreams, the kind that scare you because you market yourself so much)

4. You have to work, work, work, and work until you don’t want to work anymore and then you have to work again

5. You have to be innovative and stay ahead of the game so you stand out to the average person

Doing these things will not only promise you some sort of success but it will increase the possibility of your dreams actually coming true. There are many more fine-tuned things you need to do in order to succeed in the music industry but these 5 things are the backbone of making it big. The list above is common sense so now we will discuss one thing you can do that is more specific.

Increasing the variety of your actual sound! You need to find a couple different producers that catch your ear and you need to invest in their beats. If you are in it to be successful it is time to invest in yourself through your beat quality. Buy rap beats and buy hip hop beats that give you that feeling inside that makes you want to pick up a pen and start writing before you even make the purchase. Hip hop instrumentals are actually very reasonably priced these days if you are leasing a beat of buying a non-exclusive beat.

Most artists just starting out should lease as many beats as possible because most leased beats let you distribute up to 2,000 copies of the cd it is on. Purchase beats that are in your budget but keep in mind that spending a little more than usual is ok because it may be something that really inspires you. How much was the last Coogi shirt that you bought? How much were the Nike’s on your feet?

People that can buy some Jordan’s for $150 but they can’t buy a instrumental for $30 will not make it in this industry! A couple good places to start shopping beats is sounclick. Soundclick has hundreds and hundreds of producers that are willing to sell beats and you can shop right on their soundclick page without leaving your computer.  I even just caught word that Busta Rhymes is looking to buy beats from producers.  Why not do what is working for Busta Rhymes?

If you want something more specific you could find some artists that have taken the time to put together a website of their own to sell instrumentals. Buy rap beats is a common search item and by clicking the link in this sentence you can see a sample site for buying hip hop beats.  If what you have been doing is not working please believe that it is time to do something else.  If you have been downloading instrumentals that have already been used by artists that are already established then now is the time to do something different and stand out from the rest.  Those mixtape albums won’t even make it on the radio anyways.  You need fresh hip hop beats or R&B beats if you sing.  Whether you like dirty south, east coast, west coast, or midwest music you will be able to find something that will compliment your style.  Comment and leave your beat page if you would like and it may find you a sale.  Thanks for reading and good luck with chasing your dream!

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