24 Hour Open House!

Posted in Real Estate on June 3rd, 2010 by C2G

Did you know that 87% of all home buyers have shopped for their home online at some point and only 48% have attended open houses? Does that tell you something about how the world of home buying is changing?  Another interesting percentage is that 85% of home buyers utilize a real estate agent to buy their home.  It is very interesting to see how technology is changing our shopping habits and yet most real estate agents are not capitalizing on these changes. If you would like to see the proof of these percentages please view this article found on www.realtor.org (http://www.realtor.org/library/library/fg006).

Now is the best time to get in on the ground floor and start marketing yourself and your business online! People are putting properties on craigslist with a couple pictures and some basic information on their property and expecting them to get sold quick in this market.  You look at the pictures and think this has some potential so I will call the agent or owner.  After you talk to them it sounds good so you setup an appointment to see the property the next day.  When you arrive you step out and admire the quaint view and the nice yard as you move towards the front door and the real estate agent selling the property.  Finally you walk inside and realize the kitchen is not what it looked like in the picture and the layout is not what you had imagined.

At that point you realize that you have wasted your time and the agents time.  One thing that could have helped the situation is a live video tour of the property. That is one huge marketing tactic real estate agents are missing!  You could be giving an “at home” open house video tour to every potential buyer while you spend time handling other important tasks, like hosting an open house with microwavable mozzarella sticks.

Online video tours look professional and they help screen all of your potential buyers to the point that they appreciate you saving them time and you appreciate the time you are savingyourself. With this approach you will basically be showing your properties to buyers that are more likely to actually make an offer since they already know the layout of the property and they have already been to the virtual “open house.”  Online video tours also increase your listings because those buyers eventually become sellers and they remember how nice your website was with your walk-through videos that saved them time so they list with you.  Other sellers also begin hearing that you sold their best friend’s property really fast and that you do a real nice professional video with signs out front of the property and an online page dedicated to their property.

Think about the different packages you could offer your potential sellers when they come meet with you for the first time.  People like having options because it allows them to “choose” what they think will be in their best interest.  Whether you begin doing your own videos or whether you choose a company to do them for you please realize that videos will do nothing but help you in the long run, especially when you increase your reputation by obtaining a niche that not many other agents have. Now go sell a property and make some money!!

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